Redeemer is one of almost 10,000 churches of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, spread across the United States, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Redeemer is one of the congregations of the Florida Bahamas Synod with local affiliation in the Broward Bahamas Conference.

At Redeemer Lutheran Church, we believe everything in life flows out of worship.  As we come across God and receive His blessings, we are encouraged on life’s way.

Our Vision

Worship at Redeemer revolves around Christ. Our services are spirit-filled and based on God’s word. As the body of Christ and the community of believers, we come together in response to the love and grace of God. Services include liturgical traditions and celebration of the sacraments instituted by Christ

Our Mission

Our Mission is to share the forgiveness and love of the resurrected Christ and to make disciples.

As a Christ-centered community, our purpose is to offer resources and support to individuals and help them in transformation toward wholeness with dependence on God to enhance their quality of life.

Worship at Redeemer Lutheran Church

Our worship is rich and varied, blending traditional hymns, contemporary worship music and the liturgical traditions of the Lutheran confession and the Spirit of God moving in and among us. Attendees emanate from varying religious traditions, so we strive to provide a context where everyone can become spiritually energized and experience the presence of God through the Holy Spirit.


The Bible

Keeping the Word of Christ central to all we do

Responsible and Caring

Being compassionate, loving, good stewards and good neighbors of God’s resources


Sharing, collecting and connecting blessings to people in need


Investing and working in community programs for the betterment


Developing relationships, mobilizing volunteers, serving with organizations, and being intentional in all of our initiatives


Our love for Christ breaks down social, racial, political and economic barriers, opening the door to partnerships throughout diverse communities.